With the Databases Manager incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you are able to build brand new MySQL and PgSQL databases immediately! Moreover, you will get direct access to the administration area software programs (phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, respectively), to help you to easily manage the database you want.

Clean and User–friendly Interface

Handle all your databases from just one place

The Databases Manager in the Web Hosting Control Panel boasts a robust but still uncomplicated user interface. You’ll be able to set up a whole new MySQL or PostgreSQL database simply by specifying a user name and security password. Also, you can create a backup file or alter the security password of any database with only a click of the mouse.

Through the Databases Manager you’ve got immediate access to the management area for each of your databases, so that you can make hassle–free adjustments in the event you have to.

Hepsia File Manager

Very easy Database Back–up

Secure your database information with only a click of the mouse

If you have worked with databases, you are aware that making a manual database back–up just isn’t an elementary task. As a way to change this, we have made an effortless to use tool that can back up your complete database with just a single click of the mouse. The back–up file will be ready for you in less than a minute, with regards to the size of the selected database.

There won’t be any limitations on the actual number of backups you may make for a particular database.

Hepsia File Manager

Support for PgSQL

Guaranteed safety for your personal databases

PgSQL databases are less popular than the common MySQL databases. Then again, they represent a preferred choice for web developers who are looking for the uttermost safety for their web sites and web applications. Due to the intuitive Databases Manager built into the Garza Hosting Control Panel, you can manage your PostgreSQL databases with just a mouse click.

You will find PgSQL databases bundled by default inside the advanced Linux shared hosting packages. Provided that you are using a regular hosting package, it is possible to ask for PgSQL databases to be added in your account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The brand new face of MySQL

We’ve installed InnoDB – the new default MySQL database engine on all our servers. InnoDB is designed for massive database web sites which need high levels of effectiveness and scalability. Tests have demonstrated that sites making use of InnoDB based tables reach a 3–fold operation grow for very large joins, when compared with those utilizing MyISAM tables.

InnoDB works by using row–level locking so as to eliminate the operation problems spotted at the high consumption times of the prior release of the database engine – MyISAM, which utilizes table–level locking.

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Detailed Database Stats

In depth stats for your databases

Via the broad database statistics tool included in the Web Hosting Control Panel, you are able to make a record of the stress created by your busy web sites 24 x 365. Every single overload problem with your websites can lower the loading speeds and have a negative effect on the overall impression of your respective site visitors. Which means that, having info about the database work right away, it will be straightforward to solve overload difficulties without delay.

The database data interface displays data of the quantity of daily, hourly and monthly queries, meaning you can assess just how the load is allocated over different time periods.

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